Even though a wedding is a civil ceremony, for a Christian it is also a religious ceremony. A Christian wedding invites a partnership with God into the marriage. It also invites the care and support of the community gathered to celebrate the marriage.

Weddings at Gloria Dei

The first step in scheduling a wedding at Gloria Dei or having a pastor from Gloria Dei to officiate at a different location would be to contact the pastor. Before a wedding will be put on the church’s or pastor’s calendar, the couple must meet with the pastor. The process is the same for members and non-members.

The pastor will then share wedding fees and policies. The pastor will also schedule meetings to help prepare and plan for the ceremony. In addition, the pastor will put you in contact with the church wedding coordinator and music director.

Contact the GDLC office at 847-272-0400 to inquire about wedding planning.

Wedding Policy

Inviting All People

Celebrating God’s Gift

Following Christ

Living in Grace

Bringing Hope

The Community of Gloria Dei