Children in Worship

All children are welcome in all worship services at Gloria Dei. Not only are they welcome, they are invited to participate and lead. There is a special time in worship called “Jesus’ Kids” for children to come forward to learn and share their wisdom. We even have special worship services for kids and their families at Christmas and Easter.

Nursery care is provided for younger children (ages 0-5) during worship services and the education hour on Sunday.

Ideas for families to connect kids to worship: After worship services, discuss your favorite song of bible passage from the worship service and how it makes you feel and helps you worship God.

In worship, we will also be hearing scripture passages that encourage us to “pass-on” or continue the ministry of Christ in the world by being the hands, heart, and feet of Jesus. Take a moment to connect the activities of your week to how you are serving and talk to your children about how you are doing that as a family. They might even have some ideas about how they too can be the hands, heart, and feet of Jesus. Consider sharing your experiences at family meals by asking a question like: “Where did you see God today?” or “How were you the hands or heart of Jesus today?”

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