Stewardship Resources

It has been said that Stewardship is everything we do after we say, “I Believe.” As a community of faith, this “everything” involves financial giving, and the giving of time and talent. As a community of faith, it is incredible what we are able to do together. From Worship and Learning, to Serving and Inviting, Gloria Dei is able to do so much more as God’s Stewards when we are gathered as a congregation and connected to God’s vision for our life together.

Extended Ministry Fund

This endowment fund was established in 1997 to benefit ministries, projects and activities that may fall outside of the regular operating funds of the congregation. The fund is available to support the work of the congregation as well as organizations outside of the congregation in the community and the world. The Extended Ministry Fund Committee is responsible for the ongoing stewardship of funds that have been contributed to the fund through memorials, legacies and special gifts.

We Endeavor to be a Community of Great Generosity

We acknowledge that our ability to be generous comes from God. We are nourished and fed by Christ, forgiven and set free so that we may open our hands and our hearts not only to give, but also to receive. Our love of God and our love of others are inseparable, and we use our gifts to demonstrate this love with respect and compassion.

We are called to discern a deeper understanding of our wealth and blessing, and to act as stewards accountable to God for God’s resources. Just as Jesus was given and poured out for us and for all people, we too offer our selves – body, budget, schedule and heart.

You can now make your contributions electronically!
Making contributions using your checking or savings account is totally free of charge.

For those of you already participating in the electronic giving program you can create a password that will enable you to log in at any time, make additional gifts, make changes to your giving, or view your complete online giving history.  Click here to make a donation.

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