Seeking Faith, Asking God Questions, the Journey of Discipleship

Seeking Faith, Asking God Questions, the Journey of Discipleship

At Gloria Dei, we believe that God loves all people and all of creation. God’s desire is that we have abundant life, live in the freedom of God’s mercy through Jesus Christ, and that we become a blessing to all people.

That journey often begins with questions. Questions like: What do I believe? Why are there so many different religions if there is only one God? What will finally give my life meaning? What does it mean to love and follow Jesus?

Living a life of faith does not mean the absence of doubt or struggle. In fact, it is often our doubts and struggles that bring us closer to God. As a church, as a congregation, we ask these questions together. Our task as a community is to share in this journey and to help each other discover and be faithful to Jesus’ calling to live in the Kingdom of God. Our goal isn’t to mass produce believers or to stuff people into belief boxes, but to offer the invitation of discipleship.

Christian formation isn’t a one size fits all process. However, we do know there are certain practices and tools that can help us along the way. Some examples are Bible study and prayer, service and stewardship, worship and fellowship. We have also been given the gift of the Holy Spirit to guide and fuel this journey.

The goal of our formation ministries (such as Sunday School, youth groups, adult forums, and mission groups) is to help us practice and use the faith tools that we have been given and to bring us into community – so that we can continue to be built up as the Body of Christ – compassionately and passionately serving in the world.

So whether you are an individual asking questions or a parent wanting to teach your child…You are invited to walk with us for a while – on this journey of faith in and through Jesus Christ.

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