Reconciling in Christ Sunday

The eunuch asks “Is there anything to keep me from being baptized?” No. Not his gender, not his sexuality, not his ethnicity, not his religious affiliation, nothing. There is NOTHING that can keep the eunuch from becoming a full part of the Christian community. There is nothing that can keep us away from God’s unimaginable love. Reconciling in Christ Sunday Matthew 19.10-15 (NRSV); Acts […]

Epiphany Season – Called for Good: “Follow Me”

There is an immediacy in Jesus’ invitation to follow – a right now tone – God is not far off, but has come near – things are going to change. Even though we are 2000 years removed from those fisherman on the shore of Lake Galilee, we too can respond to Jesus’ invitation “immediately” – […]

We Plow the Fields

In the season of Advent we are given a fresh start, a new year, an opportunity to elevate our minds and our imaginations – to take a God’s-Eye View of the world – as we dare to hope, like Elizabeth and Zechariah and Mary – dare to hope, that the seemingly impossible is possible. That […]

Reformation to Action – “Overcome Fear”

The Holy Spirit has a way of nudging or tugging at us when there are opportunities to serve and act as God’s hands and feet in the world. More effective in the life of Gloria Dei member Marge Andersen, is the whack of the proverbial 2×4 between the eyes. She shares her profound experience and […]

What kind of church did Martin Luther envision?

What kind of church did Martin Luther envision?  What would his hopes be for us today?  Perhaps he would pray that we would trust in the Mighty Fortress that is our God, but also lean into the freedom that Christ brings in the Cross.  A freedom that opens us up to God using us to […]

Reformation to Action – “Action Afar”

Martin Luther traveled on foot as a pilgrim the 700 miles from Germany to Rome. This experience both exhilarated and mortified Luther as he saw juxtaposed the grandness of Rome and the often, awful condition of the people of that great city. We reflect this week on the global nature of God’s church. We reflect […]

Reformation to Action – “Action at Home”

Martin Luther once wrote:  “God does not need your good works, but your neighbor does”.  This week you are invited to reflect on your own experience of responding to God’s call to action to live out our faith in the world. This morning we begin our Stewardship emphasis in a fitting way, with a claiming […]

Who’s in Charge Here?

Who’s in charge here, I wondered, as yet another horrific, mass shooting happened in Las Vegas this week. In times like these we need to be reminded, constantly, that God is at work in the midst of the world – reminded that God doesn’t ever give up on trying to reach us with God’s grace […]

Sabbath: Peace Between People

Setting apart Sabbath time, trusting God’s promises to protect and provide for you in that time, changes a person and it transforms relationships. Colossians 3:12-16, Mark 12:28-34 I belong to an online group that connects nearby neighbors as well as a slightly wider geographic area that reaches into Wilmette and throughout Evanston, where I live. […]

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